New Diamond Life Master 5,000 MP - Mary Lynne Howe

Congratulations to Mary Lynne Howe who earned her Diamond Life Masters in 2019. 

New Gold Life Master 2,500 MP - Gord Waters

Congratulations to Gord Waters who earned his Gold Life Masters in 2019.

New Silver Life Masters 1,000 MP

Congratulations to the following LBC members who earned their Silver Life Master in 2019.

Ken Bowlby

Ken Bowlby 

Joy Croke

Joy Croke 

Bruce M

Bruce Moor

Henry P

Henry Przysiezny

New Bronze Life Masters 750 MP

Congratulations to the following LBC members who earned their Bronze Life Masters in 2019.


Shirley Gregory,

Bill H

Bill Hryniw,

Tom J

Tom Jolliffe

Ken Wigle


New Sapphire Life Master - 3500 MP

Betsy A 

Great news. Betsy Aaron earns her Sapphire Life Master. An incredible achievement. Well done Betsy.




New Ruby Life Master - 1500 MP



Congratulations to Michael Ritza in achieving his Ruby Life Master.




New Silver Life Master - 1000 MP


 Congratulations to Brian Rice on achieving his Silver Life Master. A well deserved accomplishment.  






New Bronze Life Master


MaggieCongratulations to Maggie Carruthers who recently earned her Bronze Life Master at the London Bridge Centre. 





New Bronze Life Master



Congratulations to David Elston on achieving his Bronze Life Master.

New Bronze Life Master



Congratulations to Trudi Graham on achieving her Bronze Life Master.

New Bronze Life Master


Congratulations to Jackie Potters on achieving her Bronze Life Master rank.




New Bronze Life Master

CarolCongratulations to Carol Wigle on achieving her Bronze Life Master rank. 




New Bronze Life Master

Sine Congratulations to Sine Herold on tracking down those last few gold points to help her achieve her Bronze Life Master designation.


New Bronze Life Master



Congratulations to Bruce Moor on attaining his Bronze Life Master rank. Bruce earned his Bronze Life Master just subsequent to his successful attendance at the Gatlinburg Regional.



New Life Master



Congratulations to Larry Clipperton on achieving his Life Master. Larry recently earned his last few gold points at the Waterloo Regional in early July. His Waterloo partner recognized Larry's achievement by presenting him with a congratulatory t-shirt. Well done Larry, and to your regular partners too! 


New Life Master



Congratulations to Tom Jolliffe on achieving his Life Master. Tom crossed the goal line in a recent STaC game at the club by earning some elusive silver points. 



New Life Master



Congratulations to Janice Norman on achieving her Life Master. Janice has been active on the tournament trail in a quest to get those final gold points. Well done Janice.


New Life Master

xghfjCongratulations to John Stoffman in achieving his Life Master in Gatlinburg. John and his partner Janine Higgins placed 6th in a 32 table Gold Rush pairs event on Saturday to award John with those long sought after gold points to earn his Life Master. Well done John. 

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