Lowen is one of our instructors and directs the Monday morning 499er . He is a Gold Life Master.  Lowen's email is nolalowen@gmail.com and his phone is 504-452-2533.

Jack Lewis, Jr.

Jack is our Monday and Thursday night, and Friday director.  He is also an ACBL Assistant Tournament Director. Jack's email is cindy0096@bellsouth.net and his phone is (504) 201-3348‬.

Sharon Henry

Sharon teaches Easybridge! and  runs the Easybridge! workshop.  She is our director for the Tues morning 299er game. Her email is sharon.henry1@gmail.com and her phone is (504) 458-5336‬.

Wayne Weisler

Wayne teaches and runs our Easybridge! games on  Thursday night along with our Tuesday open game and our Sunday 99er game. Wayne's email is wdweisler@yahoo.com and his phone is ‭(504) 417-6369‬.


Ben McKown

Ben directs our Tuesday Night Open game . Ben's email is nolabridge99@gmail.com and his phone is (504) 723-9049‬.

Elizabeth Sewell

Elizabeth teaches Easybridge! and runs the Easybridge! workshop on Wednesdays.  She also fills in as director for many of the 299er games.  Her email is besewell@bellsouth.net and her phone ‭(504) 442-8754‬.

Jennie Sauviac

Jennie is our Friday 499er Game DIrector.  She also is an ACBL Assistant Tournament Director. Her email is sauviac28@gmail.com and her phone is ‭(504) 250-0045‬.

Suzanne Cliffe

Suzanne directs our Thursday 299er and Friday Morning 99er workshop and game. Suzanne's email is skinz99@hotmail.com and her phone is (504) 666-1821‬.


Linda Freese

Linda is our Thursday Director. Her email is lcfreese@yahoo.com and her phone is (504) 432-1304‬.


Kathy Logue is the Director for Saturday games.

Doug DeMontluzin

Doug fills in whenever needed. His email is ddemontluzin@yahoo.com and his phone is (504) 444-4650‬.

Martha Robson

Martha fills in when needed.  Her email is  martha1815@gmail.com   and her phone is 732-618-6130. 

Sandra Dubroc

Sandy substitutes for our Directors.  She lives on the Northshore, but we welcome her here!

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