Former member Sue Balmer

Many of you will remember Sue Balmer, a former LBA member. She has passed away and the obituary is in the paper


Name MPs Flight   Name MPs Flight
Chris Moll 6.45 A   Janet Koppel 1.05 C
Mariee Walton 6.45 A   Robert Pettit 1.05 B
David Woods 5.71 A   S Reese Koppel 1.05 B
Paul Freese 5.64 A   Wayne Weisler 1.05 A
Howard Parker III 5.25 A   Daphne Lesage 1.02 C
Linda Freese 4.6 A   Patricia Roberts 0.86  
Sherrie Goodman 3.98 A   Clare Brown 0.84  
John Onstott 3.75 A   Charles Waldrop 0.75 C
Nelson Daigle 3.59 A   Dianne Chesson 0.75 A
Geoff Chichester 3.07 A   Jeannette Galleguill 0.75  
Stephen Kishner 2.87 A   Leonardo Galleguillo 0.75 C
Colleen Walker 2.84 A   Betty Norton 0.56 B
Elizabeth Cordes 2.58 B   Leslie Lanusse 0.56 C
Jacob Karno 2.55 A   Toby Young 0.52 A
Kathy Logue 2.55     Bill Beaushaw 0.52  
Barbara Fitz-Hugh 2.38 B   Diane Scott 0.4 C
E Hugh Lawson 2.31 B   Henry Bodenheimer 0.4 B
Henry Bodenheimer 2.31 B   Vicki Miller 0.4  
Sue Himel 2.25 A   Carolyn Dubois 0.36  
Diana Powell 1.83 B   Elizabeth Sewell 0.36 C
Janice Zazulak 1.83 B   Leslie Lanusse 0.34 C
Kathy Plauche 1.79 C   Maureen Richoux 0.32  
Connie Caffery 1.57 A   Michael Mooney 0.32 C
Susan Sommer 1.57 A   Gail Duffy 0.3 A
Jennie Flynn Sauviac 1.5 A   Mary Beth Fine 0.28  
John Sitton 1.5 A   Ted Brandon 0.28 B
Lillian Range 1.5     William McDonald 0.28  
Debbie Reily 1.13 C   George Jeansonne 0.22  
Jennifer Holmes 1.12 C   Quin Bates 0.22 C
Newton Jackson 1.07     Sarah Dabney Jacob 0.22  
Alma Slatten 1.05 B   William Wright 0.22 C
Joan Van Geffen 1.05 A   Molly Silvia 0.2 B

Letter From Your President

Hello Everyone.

I hope all of you are well-- I miss you.

This is a hard time for all of us. We miss our social life at the Bridge Club and our friends.

I've decided to use a little of the time i normally dedicate to bridge to a couple of my  other favorite activities like gardening,playing bridge online,and talking with friends. I hope you can find other things you enjoy.

Call a new friend out of the Bridge directory,write a letter to someone in need,play bridge online,send jokes and funny sayings,log into the Zoom App and see your family and friends. Ask someone to help you connect to Zoom.

These are unusual times. They are temporary.

We can do this!  If we can play the game of bridge anything is possible. Reach out to your friends,they will enjoy hearing from you. We will get  through this like we did for Katrina and we will all be back playing the game we love--SOON.

Stay healthy and connected to our bridge community.





Latest Bridge Center Update

The ACBL has postponed all games and tournaments until May 25.  you will be notified of any changes by our website,email,or you can call the Bridge Center and listen to the recorded message.

Stay Well

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Latest News

The Louisiana Bridge Association (LBA) is the largest bridge club in the greater New Orleans area. It is also the oldest, dating back to 1941. The LBA is part of ACBL Unit 134, District 10 which has over 1,300 members, ranging from new players with a few master points to Grand Life Masters with over 25,000.

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