Grantham Town Hall

300 NH Rt. 10
Grantham, NH
(603) 863-5608

Panorama View

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  1. Make your way to I-89 and take Exit 13 (Rt. 10, Grantham, Croydon).
  2. If coming from the North, turn right on Rt. 10. If coming from the South, turn left on Rt. 10.
  3. Go one half mile and turn right into the Town Hall/Police complex just after the Post Office and fire station. There is no street sign. It's the first right after Willis Ave., which is where you turn for the Post Office. If you get to the junction of Rt. 10 and Rt. 114, you have gone too far.
  4. If you are able bodied, please park on either side of the long driveways, and leave the parking areas near the door for the less fortunate. The grassy field on the other side of the fire pond can be used for overflow parking. The game will be in the lower level in the back of the building.

Google "street view" didn't send its camera truck into the Town Hall/Police complex so the Panorama View doesn't let you "drive" there. For an overhead view, click the map, turn on the satellite view, and zoom in.

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