Bridge Classes

We offer bridge classes four times a year: Fall (starting in September or October), Winter (starting in January/February) Spring (April/May) and Summer (July/August).

We do not offer every class in every season. For example, most beginner classes start in the Fall. If you miss those, you may have to wait a full year for the next beginner group.

View Fall 2019 bridge classes here

View Summer 2019 bridge classes here


Absolute beginner classes always start with a free introductory lesson. 

View upcoming free lessons for beginners here


What to expect at your bridge class

Whether beginner, intermediate or advanced, you will learn by playing lots of hands, not by listening to boring lectures.

Each week, you’ll learn a bidding, play or defensive strategy, then play hand after hand to practice the new concept.

After each hand is played, all the cards will be turned up and the bidding, play and defense will be reviewed while it’s still fresh.

You won’t need to take notes because you’ll take home handouts with clear explanations and quizzes to reinforce what you just learned.

You’ll receive copies of every hand played in class with written analysis of the suggested bidding, play and defense.

You’ll receive your own bidding summary, a handy, pocket-sized guide to help you remember the various bids.

You are guaranteed to hear one terrible joke per class.

You will play with clean cards.

Students wear nametags to help everyone make new friends to call and play with between classes.

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