Welcome to Bridge in the heart of the beautiful Barossa Valley

Bridge in the Barossa has been going for over 10 years, and has about 80 members.

Our regular sessions - online during the COVID-19 shutdown: 

Monday evenings at 6.30pm - please register by 6.15pm

Wednesday afternoons at 1.00pm - please register by 12.45pm

We also participate in a number of state, national and international competitions, and we hold an annual two-day congress in July.

Our club subscribes to Pianola, including Pianola Plus, which provides members with helpful analysis of their bidding and card play.

Visitors are welcome.  Please contact us for further information



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Bridge Lessons

We hold lessons for beginners in February to March each year. If you would like to learn, but can't attend at that time, please fill in the contact form and we may be able to hold a class later in the year. The course consists of six two-hour lessons with a book for $60. Alternatively, you can contact the club secretary, Chris Brady, on 0439856532.

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