Thanks must go to Lorna Butler for her recollections of Bridge at the Country Club prior to 2005. 

Our appreciation to Chris Lane who created a scrapbook of our history and photographs from 2005 - 2008.

Suzi Ledger has continued this history to the present day, with thanks to the many contributors of photographs.

BBC (Before The Bridge Club)

Bridge started at the Country Club in February 1990 and by September of that year was taking off in a big way with players of all levels welcomed to an informal competition.  

By early 1991, the very popular resident chemist Tony Roberts organised duplicate Bridge to accommodate the growing numbers and was on hand to assist new players.  He said that it was a fun night rather than being strict.  Joint winners of the first duplicate session were Margaret Hill & Kim Carolan and Bob & June Bradshaw.  Australian Bridge Champion, Paul Marsden, surprised the Bridge group when he joined them for an impromptu game.

The first Bridge Players Dinner was held in May 1992 with a meal before the evening's Bridge competition.  At that time, players who dined before play received a 20% discount off their food bill.  Later that year, a 6-week beginners class was held.  Unfortunately, Tony Roberts was farewelled during this year - he was instrumental in helping establish and build up the Country Club Bridge group and his expertise and good humour were invaluable.  After his departure, Rosemary Tooth became the contact for Bridge at the Club.

Early players at this time were: Margaret Hill & Kim Carolan, Bob & June Bradshaw, Don Corbet, Henry Brandon. Justin Clezy & Judy Snaddon, Bee & Tony Roberts, Dick & Pat Green, Vera Wright, Ben Roberts, Nugent & Thelma Wallman, Maurice & Pat Klemich and Noelene Preiss.

By 1996, there was a group of social Bridge players meeting at the Country Club on a Monday afternoon, and by 1998 regular players included Mona Hammer, Jean Marshall, Margaret & Dick Sherman, Stella Sargent, Wendy Ledgerwood, Errol Cresswell, Daphne Watkins, Rosemary Rodgers and Nancy Greenaway.


Bridge is the most exciting and popular card game in the world.  It is no surprise then, to learn that it has found its way into the hearts and minds of many lady members of the Sanctuary Cove Golf and Country Club. 

So how did it all begin?  The Club has for many years played a mixed bridge competition every Thursday evening and from there, four ladies decided to meet each Tuesday for a social game.  Lorna Butler, Kerry Schaeffer, Liz Johnson and Rosemary Rodgers were our pioneering players who first met in June 2003.  

The lady club members, curious by nature, started enquiring about Bridge with Lorna Butler.  With genuine interest building, Paul and Faye Wyer recommended to Lorna a qualified bridge teacher by the name of Joan Butts. 

Joan was a well known bridge personality who was highly entertaining with a contemporary and practical approach to her teachings. She conducted her first formal lessons in 2005 at the Country Club with a six week course. Lorna also attended to understand Joan’s method and conventions for playing Contract Bridge or Five Card Major.

2005 - 2006

Following the series of lessons, Lorna organised supervised bridge each Wednesday for the ladies who had completed the course.  In September 2005, another six week beginners and an intermediate course was conducted.  Bridge had started to intoxicate many lady members of the Country Club with chit chat about the pros and cons of bidding and contract bridge being heard even around the fairways and greens of the Pines Golf Course. 

In November 2005, after months of supervised play, the four social players decided to join the supervised group and the Wednesday Bridge Competition was formed. To assist in its establishment Mulpha donated money for a perpetual trophy and the necessary decks of cards for the playing boards. 

Throughout 2006, the Wednesday bridge competition consolidated into a weekly club activity with the regular players gaining valuable playing experience.  The team of Lorna Butler and Kerry Schaeffer were the overall winners of the inaugural trophy donated by Mulpha.  Congratulations Lorna and Kerry and thank you for bringing the wonderful game of bridge to the lady members.

 Aggie Bowyer, Rosemary Allen & Ann Richardson

Joan Butts

Chris Lane, Barbara Simpson, Suzi Ledger & Riitta Mellish

Anne Cheung


Lorna Butler & Joan Butts

Peggy Ramsbottom, Janne Powell, Harry Ramsbottom & Jenny Parsonson

Pat Butler, Rene Scott, Gwen Skinner & Merryl Ducat

Ann Richardson, Gwen Skinner, Aggie Bowyer & Jan Nicholls

Gwen Skinner

Merryl Ducat


Maryse Wilmot, Shelle Robinson & Vandra Braga

Harry Ramsbottom

Janne Powell & Jenny Parsonson

Colleen Moule, Robyn Harrison, Dean Margaret Crouch, Joan Butts & Grace Mathias

Jean Marshall, Kerry Schaeffer, Lorna Butler & Ruth Brougham

Margaret Hill, Wendy Ledgerwood, Peter Molty & Kim Carolan

Mardi Svennson, Pat Klemich, Rosemary Rodger & Maurice Klemich

Mardi Svennson & Pat Klemich

Grace Mathias

Maurice Klemich & Joan Butts

Ruth Brougham

Lorna Butler

Peter Moltu & Margaret Hill

Kim Carolan

Barbara Simpson

Dean Margaret Crouch

Finishing Class

Joan Butts & Dean Margaret Crouch

Peggy Ramsbottom - what do to??

Peggy Ramsbottom

Rene Scott

Riitta Mellish

Suzi Ledger

Pat Butler




The popularity of bridge started to build in 2007 with an increase in the number of regular players.  On average, the weekly competition comprised of 4 tables with more than 28 ladies playing at some stage throughout the year. 

For the first time, the group held an extended Christmas closing day event, which include a scrumptious lunch in Michael’s restaurant as well as the regular bridge competition.  It was a convivial way to  complete a successful year. 

The team with the most consistent results throughout the year was Lorna Butler and Kerry Schaeffer, who were the winners of the Ladies Bridge Competition, making it two in a row for this dynamic duo.  Will they make it a hat trick in 2008?

Faye Wyer, Ann Richardson, Daniele Escreet & Aggie Bowyer

Lorna Butler, Anita Taylor, Rosemary Tooth & Linda Faulls

Robyn Harrison, Chris Lane, Liz Johnson & Rene Scott

Lynn Bain, Airlie Phillis, Barbara Gamble & Jenny Parsonson

Robyn Harrison, Barbara Gamble, Liz Johnson & Airlie Phillis

Lynn Bain, Jenny Parsonson & Suzi Ledger

Jenny, Lynn & Suzi

Rosemary Tooth & Lorna Butler

Jenny & Lynn

Linda Faulls & Anita Taylor

Liz Johnson & Robyn Harrison

Lorna Butler & Kerry Schaeffer

Rene Scott & Chris Lane

Rosemary Tooth & Lorna Butler

Rosemary on her 80th birthday

Shirley Cowen

Suzi Ledger & Barbara Simpson

Ann Richardson & Aggie Bowyer

Barbara Gamble & Airlie Phillis

Faye Wyer & Daniele Escreet



Due mainly to the efforts of three dedicated women, Lorna Butler, Linda Faulls and Suzi Ledger, the Ladies Bridge Competition experienced new developments throughout 2008.  Suzi took over the responsibility of recording the results each week on a computerised program she sourced from the internet.  Linda researched different movements between tables for the growing number of players and together with Lorna organised the boards and tables each week. 

The ladies lounge was abuzz with 5 to 6 tables in play most Wednesdays.  Plans are afoot to expand the number of tables to 7 to accommodate more players.  Apart from the heightened competition, the ladies continue to enjoy the social and intellectual stimulation, the wonderful game of bridge provides in the elegant surroundings of the ladies lounge.  Perhaps a glass of wine at the conclusion of play would provide the perfect ending. 

Appreciation goes to Christine Lane for preparing a Bridge Scrapbook from the humble inception of Ladies’ Bridge through to now.  The scene has been set for ongoing coverage in the years to come. 

Congratulations to Lorna Butler and Kerry Schaeffer for their success in winning the Sanctuary Cove Bridge Competition for the third year in a row.


Aggie Bowyer & Ann Richardson

         Anita Taylor & Linda Faulls

Barbara Simpson & Suzi Ledger

Chris Lane & Rene Scott

Chris Riddle & June Abbott

Daniele Escreet & Liz Johnson

Fiona Law & Norma Hale

Helen Swain & Jill Jack

Robyn Harrison, Faye Wyer, Daniele Escreet & Liz Johnson

June Abbott, Rosemary Tooth, Chris Riddle & Linda Faulls

Suzi Ledger, Lorna Butler, Kerry Schaeffer & Barbara Simpson      

Shirley Cowen, Barbara Gamble, Merryl Ducat & Airlie Phillis

Jill Jack, Airlie Phillis, Barbara Gambel & Helen Swain

Annual Winners: Lorna Butler & Kerry Schaeffer

Birthday celebration: Helen Swain, Linda Faulls, Daniel Escreet, Barbara Simpson & Suzi Ledger

Daniele Escreet

Jan Longes

Suzi Ledger calculating the day's results

Christmas party

Kerry Schaeffer, Lorna Butler, Shirley Cowen & Merryl Ducat

Anita Taylor, Chris Riddle, June Abbott & Linda Faulls

Kerry Milliner, Suzi Ledger & Margie Hay

Rosemary Rodger & Ann Richardson

Barbara Simpson, Ngaire Graham, Liz Johnson & Robyn Harrison

Daniele Escreet, Chris Lane & Rene Scott

Norma Hale & Fiona Law

Airlie Phillis & Barbara Gamble

The Christmas Group

Liz Johnson & Robyn Harrison

June Abbott & Chris Riddle

June Abbott

Linda Faulls & Anita Taylor

Liz Johnson & Daniele Escreet

Lorna Butler & Kerry Schaeffer

Margie Hay & Kerry Milliner

Merryl Ducat & Shirley Cowen

Rosemary Rodger & Shirley Cowen

Rosemary Tooth & Daniele Escreet

Wendy Ledgerwood & Aggie Bowyer


An exciting time as we registered with the Australian Bridge Federation to become an official Bridge Club in 2011.  We received a visit from Kim Ellaway, Manager of the Queensland Bridge Association and Keith McDonald, their President and they were very supportive to get us started.  We registered our first players in March and by the end of the year had 40 members.  

We started to earn Masterpoints at our Wednesday sessions initially.

Faye Wyer was our inaugural President, ably assisted by a keen committee of Barbara Simpson, Daniele Escreet, Sandy Cool, Fiona Law, Suzi Ledger, Norma Hale & Aggie Bowyer.

Immediately prior to the Gold Coast Congress, we held an Invitation Day where Ron Klinger gave a lesson in the morning and in the afternoon, high-ranked players were 'auctioned' to members of SCBC for a play session.  Proceeds from the day, including a Grand Raffle, were used to purchase a second-hand dealing machine and for the first time, we were able to produce hand records of our play sessions automatically.

Norma Hale & Fiona Law were finally able to nudge out the perennial duo of Lorna and Kerry to take the Annual Best Pair title in 2011.

Fiona Law & Lorna Butler

Shirley Cowen

We purchased a clock to make our sessions run more smoothly


Table fees were introduced









Fiona Law became our President this year.

We successfully applied for a grant for Bridgemates and a laptop which would greatly assist us in getting the scores of our sessions completed quickly and accurately.  

Sheryl Gardner started a course of beginner lessons as well as help-with-play on Tuesday mornings.

True to form, Lorna Butler and Kerry Schaeffer won the Best Pair for the year.

We ended the year with 47 members.


Daria Williams & Carol McKenzie

Jan Longes & Shirley Cowen

Airlie Phillis & Jan Venn


Raewyn Andersen & Judy Board



Caroline Clark & Maureen Lubinsky


Lorna Butler & Margaret McFarlane



Geraldine Porteous & Marlene Kirk


Wendy Ledgerwood & Annie Sinclair


Janne Powell & Lynn Bain

June Abbott, Grace Mathias & Kerry Milliner

Grace Mathias & Kerry Milliner

Mary Hinves, June Abbott & Jenny Smith

Jenny Smith & Mary Hinves

June Abbott & Pat Jefferies

Norma Hale & Ivana Joseph

Sue Webb & Jill Jack

Barbara Gamble & Chris Gilmour

Ann Richardson & Judy Saunders

Lyn Lubransky & Lorraine Tynan

Aggie Bowyer & Robbie Hall

Daniele Escreet & Sue Lethbridge

Invitation Day for Beginners

Margie Kilmartin & Faye Wyer

Judy Forrest & Suzi Ledger

Irene Freeman & Sandy Cool

The Day's Prizes

Joan Putland

Maureen Lubinsky

Pam Martin & Sue Lethbridge

Judy Grix & Kerry Milliner

Raewyn Andersen

Daria Williams

Lorna Butler

Margie Kilmartin & Airlie Phillis

Joy Connolly & Sue Webb

Maureen Lubinksy & Caroline Clark

Ann Richardson & Aggie Bowyer

Ann & Aggie

Sandy Cool & Daniele Escreet


Christmas Lunch

More Christmas Lunch

Sandy Cool, Barbara Simpson, Daniele Escreet, Fiona Law & Norma Hale

Fiona Law

The Day's Winners:  Sue Spurway, Margie Cummins, Daria Williams & Jutta Keimel



As we continued our development as a Bridge Club, we started our own website to complement our automated scoring capabilities.  Now, all our results were on-line immediately after each session instead of relying on email.

We took part in the Annual Bridge for Brains Challenge for the first time and raised a substantial sum for Alzheimers Research.

On request of the Golf Club, we moved our permanent base to the Jabiru restaurant area.  This gave us more room to expand, and by the end of 2013 we had 62 members.

Due to increasing demand, Airlie Phillis took on the role of Partner finder.

After many of our players took part in the Gold Coast Congress, Sheryl Gardner encouraged us to consider our own Congress and plans were put in motion for 2014.

This year we also inaugurated a Teams Championship and a Pairs Championship to replace the old points system.  Our inaugural Pairs Champions were Margaret Cummins and Janet Jones and our Teams Champions were Fiona Law, Norma Hale, Sue Spurway and Janet Jones.  Eva Berger helped as our Director for Championships and red point sessions.

Fiona Law & Margie Cummins

Christmas Party

June Abbott


Margie Cummins


Susan McLean


Seizo Taguchi provided some of the entertainment


Jutta Keimel

The Day's Winners: Fiona Law, Norma Hale, Jutta Keimel & Raewyn Andersen


Pairs Champions: Margie Cummins & Janet Jones


Teams Champions: Fiona Law, Sue Spurway,Norma Hale & Janet Jones



Moves were made to establish our own Constitution.  We received assistance from Kim Ellaway and the QBA in this regard and it was officially adopted at an EGM in May, with our first AGM in July.

We adopted one Tuesday a month for masterpoint sessions in addition to our regular Wednesday game and also played in the Australia Wide Novice Pairs and the Australia Wide Pairs for the first time.

Although we were unsuccessful in obtaining further grant assistance, we purchased a new dealing machine which increased the speed and efficiency of this process, and some additional Bridgemates to handle our increased numbers.  We also gave funds towards window blinds and blocking in some of the entrances to the Jabiru restaurant to assist with noise reduction.

Sue Spurway held a round of beginner lessons later in the year and continued on with beginner/improvers help-with-play on Fridays with great success.

Margaret Pisko started directing our Pairs and Teams Championship sessions.

Due to Barbara Simpson's efforts, we obtained sponsorship from MGD Wealth.  These funds were put towards our Congress and general funds.

Our first Congress was a big success, with 160 players taking part, using rooms in the Country Club.  Sheryl Gardner was our Convenor, with Chris Snook directing.  Winners of the A Grade section were Carolyn Miller & Kevin Steffenson, B Grade winners Lauren Somers & Trevor Fletcher and C Grade winners Jennifer Finigan & Krystyna Jaremko.

Our Pairs Champions were Margaret Cummins & Sue Spurway and our Teams Champions were Fiona Law, Norma Hale, Sue Spurway, Janet Jones & Annie Sinclair.

By the end of 2014, we had 82 members.

The whole Club Celebrated Jean Marshall's 90th birthday: Fiona Law, Jean & Norma Hale

Jan Longes, Mary Hinves & Helen Swain

Rene Scott, Seizo Taguchi & Jean

Nikki Sleeman & Jill Jack

Jutta Keimel & Rena Indermaur

Jean & Yuko Nakamura



Aggie Bowyer, Suzi Ledger, Jean & Sheryl Gardner

Raewyn Andersen & Airlie Phillis

Shirley Cowen & Margie Hay

Jean & Norma Hale

Margie Kilmartin & Sue Webb

Dilys Shekleton, Jimmy McFarlane & Barbara Gamble

Norma Hale & Daniele Escreet

Jean raring to go

Jean & Rene Scott

Jimmy McFarlane, Barbara Gamble & Frank Shekleton


Sheryl Gardner preparing for the Congress

The Main Room at the Congress

Margie Kilmartin & Airlie Phillis

Jean Marshall raring to go (again)

The Open Division Room

Partners Lynn Bain & Sandy Cool

A Grade Winners

with Stephen Furness from MGD Wealth

B Grade Winner

C Grade Winners

Most Improved Novices: Anita Taylor & Susan McLean

A Christmas Message from our Sponsor, MGD Wealth

Nikki Sleeman & Lyn Lubransky

Grace Mathias & Daniele Escreet

The Christmas Lunch Room

Phil Best & Lorna Butler

Airlie Phillis

Sue Spurway

Aggie Bowyer

Suzi Ledger & Barbara Simpson

The magician with Rosemary Rodger

With Phil Best

With Yuko Nakamura

Ian Cameron Amused

More of Rosemary

Ivana Joseph & Yuko Nakamura

Joy Connolly & Seizo Taguchi

Seizo & Roseamry

With Jimmy McFarlane

More Jimmy

The Day's Winners: Norma Hale, Janne Powell, Judy Grix & Fiona Law with Stephen Furness from MGD Wealth





Pairs Champions: Margie Cummins & Sue Spurway with runners-up Daniele Escreet & Sandy Cool

Pairs Net:  Winners Joan Putland & Yuko Nakamura, Runners-up June Abbott & Yvonne Croft

Teams Champions: Fiona Law, Norma Hale, Sue Spurway & Janet Jones/Annie Sinclair


We commenced regular Masterpoint sessions on Tuesdays.

Sue Spurway held another round of beginner lessons and many of her students are now playing in Tuesday and Wednesday games.

We commenced a subscription to Pianola, a service which allows players to analyse their game in more detail.

In September, we held another successful Congress in the Country Club with 124 players from all over Queensland, Australia and even a few International players.  The winning pairs were:  A Grade - Eva & Tony Berger, B Grade - Robin Webcke & Julia Gardiner and C Grade - Irene Camillo & Gail Panton.  Steven Parkes and Allan Byrnes won the 0-10 Masterpoint section.

We are now holding Bridge every day of the week, with Barbara Simpson overseeing Monday afternoon Help with Play, our regular Tuesday & Wednesday Masterpoint sessions, Thursday evening is still going strong and run by Linda Faulls, and on Friday mornings, Sue Spurway and Fiona Law continue their Help with Play and lessons.

We donated our table fees in August to the Gold Coast Women's Refuge and delivered 30 care packages to them.

Our Pairs Champions were Sue Spurway & Fiona Law and the Team Champions were Annie Sinclair, Rena Indermaur, Ian Cameron & Colleen Moule.

We finished the year with 93 members.

Broadwater Invitation Day

The Winners with Stephen Furness from MGD Wealth

The Scorers hard at work

Anita Taylor, xx, & Susan McLean

Carolyn McMurray & Wenna Ellis

Fiona Law, Stephen & Norma Hale

Norma, Anita, xx, & Susan

Easter Themed Prizes

Suzi Ledger, Stephen & Barbara Simpson

Stephen & Lorna Butler

Yvonne Croft & Stephen

Busy Check-In at Our Congress

Sandy Cool & Daniele Escreet Manning the Greeting Table

Lynn Bain in charge of the raffle


The Food Fairies, Janet Jones & Sue Spurway

June Abbott & Janet

Kerry Milliner

Airlie Phillis

Our Caddy, Jamie Crowe

Director Chris Snook & Convenor Sheryl Gardner

Our players at the Gold Coast Congress

Margie Kilmartin & Airlie Phillis at the Gold Coast Congress

At the Gold Coast Zone Novice Pairs

Fiona Law, Helen Swain & Jill Jack

Australia-Wide Novice Pairs Winners: Linda Faulls, Maureen Lubinsky, Ian Cameron & Fiona Law


Beginners Lessons Commence

Meeting new friends over the Bridge table

Sue Spurway had lots of helpers

Annette Jones, Madonna Siokos & Barry Alty

Reading up on Sue's notes

A group travelled North for a weekend of golf & Bridge at Noosa Bridge Club

At the Novice Teams of Three at QCBC with our Captains, Jim Bean & Chris Snook

Our care packages going to the Gold Coast Women's Refuge

Congratulations to Margie Cummins who won the Broadwater Pairs Championship with Nimal Weerasinghe

Our Joker in the Pack, Kerry Milliner

June Hagar & June Abbott

June, Yvonne Croft & Fiona Law

Jill Jack, June & Helen Swain

Ladies with Lips, Sandie Cool, Lorna Butler & Ann Richardson

The day's Winners, Fiona Law, Norma Hale, June Abbott & Yvonne Croft


Pairs Champions Sue Spurway & Fiona Law

With our Director Margaret Pisko and Pairs Runners-Up Sheryl Gardner & Ian Cameron

Pairs Net Winners Yuko Nakamura & Joan Putland with Runners-Up Helen Swain & Jill Jack

Teams Champions Annie Sinclair, Rena Indermaur, Colleen Moule & Ian Cameron

Teams B Winners Kerry Milliner, Lorraine Tynan, Lorna Butler (+ Kerry Schaeffer)

Teams B Runners-Up Gillian Chase, Linda Faulls, Caroline Clark & Maureen Lubinsky


This year started on a sad note, as one of our long-term members, June Abbott left to join her family in NSW.

Yvonne Croft took over as our President after Fiona Law had served 3 years.

We started awarding a monthly prize to the best pair on a handicap basis, presented by our sponsor Stephen Furness of MGD Wealth.

Val Roland directed our Pairs & Teams Championships for the first time.  Our Pairs Champions were Sue & Frank Spurway and the Teams Champions Rena Indermaur, Annie Sinclair, Ian Cameron & Colleen Moule.

Suzi Ledger gained accreditation as a Club Director, Sue Spurway continued her successful Beginner Bridge lessons and we ended the year with 101 members, an all-time high.

Many members joined in June's farewell

Airlie Phillis, Margie Kilmartin, Kerry Milliner & June

Norma Hale, Jutta Keimel & Annie Sinclair

Yvonne Croft gave June a send-off

Yvonne & June

June in reply

Winners of the QCBC Novice Pairs in January, Daria Williams & Ian Cameron

Janne Powell & June Hagar won the Sunday Rookie Pairs at the Gold Coast Congress, here accepting their prize from Joan Butts & Therese Tully

Winners of the Surfers Paradise Novice Pairs Congress, Frank Spurway & Fiona Law

Winners of the Australia-Wide Novice Pairs event: Rosemary Rodger & Nikki Sleeman (EW) & Kerry Schaeffer & Lorna Butler (NS)

A full house for our Pairs Championship

Pairs Championship Winners:

Aggie Bowyer & Ann Richardson (B Grade), Frank & Sue Spurway (A Grade) and Jan Longes & Shirley Cowen (C Grade)

The team of Barbara Simpson, Suzi Ledger & Ian Cameron came 2nd in the Gold Coast Zone Teams of 3 event.  Here with their Captain Roger Weathered & Zone President Carole Cooke

Another successful Australia-Wide Open Pairs event.  Winners NS Sheryl Gardner & Teena Haslam, Ew Caroline Clark & Gillian Chase

Sheryl Gardner, Paul Wyer & Janet Jones at our Congress

Raffle winner at the Congress, Lorrain Tynan with Stephen Furness

Norma Hale & Fiona Law with Stephen

Teams Champions Colleen Moule, Ian Cameron, Annie Sinclair & Rena Indermaur

Teams B Grade winners Sue Lethbridge, Rosemary Rodger, Jan Venn & Gillian Chase

November birthday girls

Paul Wyer at the table

January Handicap Winners Susan McLean & Anita Taylor

February Handicap Winners Kerry Schaeffer & Lorna Butler

March Handicap Winners Maureen Lubinsky & Linda Faulls

April Handicap Winners Daniele Escreet & Sandi Cool

May Handicap Winners Jill Jack & Helen Swain

June Handicap Winners Barbara Simpson & Suzi Ledger

July Handicap Winners Bruce Butler & Phil Best

September Handicap Winners Yvonne Croft & Hilary Dodunski

October Handicap Winners Susan McLean & Paul Nitschmann

November Handicap Winners Rene Scott & Emiko Masuda

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