• 2019 Schools Teams Championship result

    The full result, travellers, and boards from the 2019 Schools Teams Championship can be seenhere. A commentary is available. read more...
    Friday, 12 July 2019 by Paul Gipson
  • Captain's blog: day 7

    Day 7 Tired but unhappy… it is hard to motivate a team playing for nothing but pride. We might have achieved Scotland’s highest ever finish – but we shall not. The Denmark match is quite dull, but we snatch a small defeat from the jaws of victory with a late collapse. I try to rouse their spirits against Germany – we might hoist Norway into bronze position with a good win – another late collapse. And so to Slovakia, where I forget to get them to the table in time... read more...
    Thursday, 11 July 2019 by Paul Gipson
  • Captain's blog: day 6

    Day 6 Last night I was interrupted in the middle of Captain’s Chores (filing; checking Convention Cards for next day; coping with Emails; posting Blog) by a power cut. Nothing to do but hit the sack and hope it is all different in the morning. Awakened by bright sunlight – or not, it is 4.30am and the lights are back on full blaze. Suddenly realise I have not put in the overnight lineup. Panic eases when I eventually remember I need not line up against Bye. Switch the lights off and... read more...
    Wednesday, 10 July 2019 by Paul Gipson
  • Captain's blog: day 5

    Day 5 Hope Athena has managed to catch her flight… she has certainly vanished. Being a 4 man team will ease line-up decisions, but they must play 60 boards to-day. We really need to score above average for the 4 matches. We set out with high hopes against Turkey. Board 3 is a double-figure swing in all matches bar Netherlands/Slovakia: ♠ QT984 ♥ 5 ♦ AQ965 ♣ Q4 EW Vul Dealer S EW can make 12 tricks in clubs but only 11 in hearts. To beat 4S for sure East... read more...
    Wednesday, 10 July 2019 by Paul Gipson
  • Captain's blog: day 4

    Day 4 I watch the English match with Tosh, who, as English Coach, is suffering from divided loyalties. This is pleasure almost unalloyed. We lose a few imps on the first 2 boards, but then come charging through with a few game swings. Board 26 is the match talking point. Stewart, with Jack-free 5=2=5=1 20 count, hears partner open the bidding. He has a wee peek at the Grand, but soon settles in the cold 6NT. The English EW grind to a halt in 5D, which looks solid enough, but they find an inspired... read more...
    Monday, 08 July 2019 by Paul Gipson
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